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What's Appropriate

What's Appropriate?
          Wedding Dances - A wedding reception is a celebration of love and unity, a celebration of family and friends, and a celebration of past, present and future. The music selection for a wedding reception should reflect all of these themes in your own special style. Also, the musical selection should reflect the general tastes of your guests. Remember: when you exclude musical styles based on your tastes, you may be excluding your guests' favorite songs, so try to think of the dance floor experience like the democratic ideal: for the people, by the people. These are things to keep in mind when making requests for wedding reception songs.

          Our theory for a wedding reception playlist breaks down like this: one-third requests from the bride and groom, one-third requests from the guests, and one-third chosen by the DJs from your Wedding Planner Form guidelines. This allows for a good mix of your tastes, your guests' tastes and the dance music experience of your professional DJs.

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