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What We Will Bring:

The Mixer- We use a 12-channel, Mackie 1202-VLZ Pro for excellent EQ clarity, good volume output, and microphone feedback protection. A 12-channel mixer gives us the flexibility to add multiple microphones and sound monitors as well as extra inputs for special presentations. ::tech specs::

The Amp- The Yamaha CP2000 PowerAmp, features an exceptional high-output load (up to 2000 watts) with efficient, low power requirements. The amp is equipped with a special overload protection fuse to prevent turning your dance party into an impromptu fireworks display. ::tech specs::

The Main Speakers- We love these speakers. Dual Peavey SP-5G Scorpions have enough power to rock you like a proverbial hurricane and the crystal clarity to lull you to sleep after the storm. (Max Power 1000 peak / 500 program / 250 RMS continuous) We hoist 'em up on stands for better sound in large rooms and open spaces. ::tech specs::

The Secondary Speakers- Dual Peavey 115TI, (Max Power 400 peak / 200 program / 100 RMS continuous) These pro quality performance speakers are wedge-angled for monitor use or for supplemental sound when used with the main speakers. In bigger rooms, they help give the music a full, rich sound. ::tech specs::

Highly Trained Ears- As a Spin Twins exclusive, you get Two pairs of sensitive, highly attuned ears, capable of monitoring sound quality and volume, special "lame song warning" controls for audience boredom reduction and elimination, as well as sensitive receptors for event coordinator instructions, complete with functioning, pro-quality eardrum and canal components… perfect for talking to. ::tech specs::

What We Require:
  1. 6' Skirted Table
  2. Power Outlet
  3. Shelter from the Elements
In order to make sure we have the proper space to work in, we do require you to provide a six-foot, skirted table, a standard 3-prong power outlet within 25 feet of the DJ table and shelter from sun and rain if your event is held outdoors.
The Spin Twins FAQ: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Spin Twins (But Were Too Lazy to Read the Whole Website For)
what we need
When The Spin Twins arrive at your location, we will require: 1 six-foot skirted table, 1 electrical outlet, shelter from the elements, 1 pound bag of skittles (optional)
specific needs
If you need something special like extra microphones and monitor speakers for a singing group, we can provide those if requested. Just let us know what you need and we'll tell you if we can help.
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