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        The Spin Twins are a two-man professional mobile DJ team providing mobile DJ service to the greater Atlanta area. The Spin Twins play a wide range of musical styles perfect for dancing or atmosphere at wedding receptions, corporate parties, reunions, dances, cocktail parties, picnics, birthdays and even that Hawaiian luau plan you've got cooked up. A Spin Twins DJ show is a fun, hip, cheap way to give your event a shot in the arm without having to book some lame cover band or one of those freaky clowns that makes those balloon animals that somehow always end up looking like pork sausage links.

Why Us?

        The Spin Twins are a mobile DJ service with a single purpose: to get your party moving. How do we do this? With laser beams. We love the laser beams. Seriously, though, The Spin Twins believe that the best way to make an event both exciting and memorable is to do it the old-fashioned way: with great music. No tricks, no gimmicks, no bad comedy or lame party games can make up for what we provide in music choice. Best of all, if you want to hear an artist or song that you don't see in any of our lists, notify us ahead of time and we'll get it for you. (We can get practically anything we have connections.) Just take a look at what we can offer you for the price. If you can get a lower bid from another professional DJ service for what we offer, we'll match it. We refuse to be anything other than the best deal in town. I can tell by the way you push that mouse around that you mean business, so here's the deal

When the Spin Twins DJ your event, you get:

  1. a wide selection of musical styles from a collection of thousands of songs
  2. the songs you want, even if we have to hunt them down and buy them specifically for your event
  3. high-quality, high-clarity, high-output equipment to boost those songs and fill the dance floor
  4. failsafes and backups in the event of equipment problems
  5. not one, but two professional, experienced DJs to make sure everything runs smoothly. With two DJs at your event, we will never be too busy to handle requests or communicate with your event coordinator.
  6. A complete music package that arrives early, plays the music you want to hear, gives you as much control as you want and doesn't get in the way of your event.
  7. All of this costs you just $100.00 per hour. There are no hidden fees and you will not be charged for equipment setup and breakdown time. Overall, it's a great deal for great music, crystal clarity and two DJs for the price of one.
Super sound for $100/hr! If you get a lower bid from another DJ for what we offer, we'll match it! (Unless we think you're lying. Nobody likes a cheater.)
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